Boar Foot Piece by Zack Ross

Zack Ross did this foot piece while in Dallas at his friend Billyjack's, shop Artistic Encounter.


Leap of Faith Tattoo

Leap of faith tattoo by Zack Ross. Tyler told Zack a story that he was inspired by and from that story Zack created this imagery. In progress, after two sessions.


The South

By Brandon Lantz: "The Lettering and the Texas were there by themselves originally. I re-outlined them, Texas and put the beginning of a burst behind the state. This guys arms are pretty big and the pistols are almost life size."


Lady Liberty and Merlion Update

A completed Lady Liberty by Zack Ross.

An update on the Merlion, also by Zack Ross.


Biomechanical Leg Sleeve

Rodney's biomechanical foot piece by Zack Ross. The beginning of a leg sleeve.


Alex Gardner - A No Surrender Addition

Alex recently joined the No Surrender team and is now working at our Hopkins location. To schedule an appointment with him call 512.396.8288!