Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry 2, originally uploaded by brigadoon317.
A sacred geometry piece infused with the all seeing eye by Brandon Lantz.




Evan Lovett has been dubbed the birdman because he is always tattooing birds.


Tool and Scripture

By Brandon Lantz

Brandon talks to his client after getting tattooed at No Surrender Studios.


Western Sleeve

In progress shot after the second session.

Zack Ross explains Travis' western sleeve after the first session.


Red Right Hand & Crown

By Brandon Lantz

"What if the breath that kindl'd those grim fires
Awak'd should blow them into sevenfold rage
And plunge us in the Flames? or from above
Should intermitted vengeance Arme again
His red right hand to plague us? what if all
Her stores were op'n'd, and this Firmament
Of Hell should spout her Cataracts of Fire,
Impendent horrors, threatning hideous fall
One day upon our heads?"



Billyjack and Stephanie

Billyjack and his wife Stephanie of Artistic Encounter Tattoo in Dallas, TX came to San Marcos to get tattooed by Zack Ross. Stephanie's adorable owl cover-up on her leg is a collaboration between Zack and Billyjack. Billyjack is getting a full torso cover-up. Check out Billyjack's Shop at http://www.aetattoo.com/

This is a couple days after the first session. Not quite finished.

Below is Zack's commentary on Billyjack and Stephanie's tattoos.

Slappin' Da Bass

Brandon Lantz: This was a fun little tattoo on a really cool client. He is a guitar player for the army and while on his short leave from a tour in Iraq he decided to get married, jump out of a plane and get some Rush album art tattooed on his arm. Seize the day my friends! Of course we made "I Love You Man" jokes and in this picture he is in fact "Slappin' the bass, man."


No Surrender Family Photo

Back Row: Billy, Lawry
Second Row: Tyson, Kasey, Tye, Scott, Bubba
Third Row: Brandon, Evan, Jenni
Forth Row: Zack


Brandon LANTZ [get it right!]

Brandon- "Fraternity symbol on a dude's bicep. This tattoo was a workout but it came out great. I look at it and I can't help but think of Will Ferrell. "AHHHH AH! I AM A STRONG MAN! I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!" Wow. I hope somebody else knows what I'm talking about..."

Unicorns. Never. Die



After living in Singapore for 10 years, Mike wanted to get a tattoo of the symbolic statue of a Merlion. This is the sharpie drawing of Mike's sleeve that Zack designed.

After the first session Zack completed the outline and even did some color.

In this video Zack explains the first session of Mike's Merlion sleeve.


Trinity Symbol

Billy did this Led Zeppelin trinity symbol and feather tattoo.


Great Job!

Billy Weigler is not being neglected on the No Surrender blog, it's just like pulling teeth to get this guy to take a picture of his client and their tattoo! So here it is readers, Billy's big debut.


The Massive Tattoo Continued

Robert is back for a 3rd session on his pit-to-the-knee roadrunner fighting a snake tattoo.


This is a portrait of Janet Leigh from "Psycho" on the side of Jenni's calf done by Tye Harris. Took about 7 hours to complete. Tye was pretty amazing with this one. At the end of this month he will be leaving to do some traveling, so if you want a portrait make an appointment fast! Call the shop at 512-396-8288!


Flamin' Owl

This owl surrounded by flames has taken Zack a total of 18 hours and it's still incomplete. He recently added the tree and moon above the owl. The tattoo wraps underneath the arm where a rat is holding its tail scared for its life.


Oo la la

Little tattoos done today by Brandon at No Surrender Studios San Marcos, TX. In this picture we have a "Psalms 13:2" and a rustic, wrought iron James Avery-esque' heart. Thank you ladies and keep on keepin' San Marcos classy.