Collaboration Tattoo

Footage of Zack and Timmy B working on Bailey's collaboration tattoo. This won Tattoo of the Day and Best in Show at the Tattoos by the Bay Convention.

Final Product

Setting the stencil



While at the convention, the shop walked away with many awards! Zack won 1st in Best Traditional, 2nd in Small Color, 2nd in Large Color and 2nd in Best Sternum. He also won 1st in Tattoo of the Day and 1st in Best Artist of the Show on a collaboration piece with Timmy B!

Tattoos By The Bay Convention

The No Surrender Studios artists went to the Tattoos By The Bay Convention in Corpus Christi over the weekend.

Zack and Jorge's booth.

Tye and Bubba's booth.

Lexi getting a collaboration tattoo by Timmy B and AJ. Won Tattoo Of The Day!

Zack working on Raquel's backpiece.

Kennith, a No Surrender guest artist, working on some tribal. He works at Heritage Tattoo in Murrieta, California.



Two of Zack's friends flew in to San Marcos from California to join the No Surrender team at the Tattoo By The Bay Convention in Corpus Christi. While he was in town, Menso created this graffiti banner in front of the Hopkins shop for customers and traffic to watch.


Cosmic Sunflower

This guy is a painter and brought in one of his sketches of a strange looking flower. Brandon really, really liked the concept and asked him if he could play with it, and this is what Brandon came up with- a cosmic sunflower. The two decided that this is how stars are born. They plan to add other strange plants to his leg later.


Military Michael

While Michael was taking a little vacation from the military, he got this German, Irish and Russian inspired sleeve. This is the first session and will require one more to perfect it. Zack worked for 11 hours on this piece while Michael sat like a champ.

Greek Mythology

Alex is getting a greek mythology inspired sleeve by Zack. He made his appointment two months before he turned 18 and drove to San Marcos from Houston on his birthday. His full sleeve will include Poseidon, Zeus and Hades.


Fingers and Toes

Billy did Shannon's anatomical heart tattoo on her thumb and Bailey's traditional rose tattoo on her toe. Finger and toe tattoos look awesome, but because of the positioning they may require a couple of touch ups.

Hibiscus Flower

Bubba did this hibiscus flower on the arm of a loyal customer, Mike.


Some Skull Action

Tye did this black and grey skull on the back of Kasey's leg.

Merle Haggard and Irish Lovin'

Tye did this awesome Merle Haggard portrait on Bubba, another No Surrender artist. He is going to add color and roses to the banner. This picture was taken a few days after tattooing.

Brandon designed this harp for Miles McRae to celebrate his Irish heritage. Based on the ancient lyre, the irish harp is one of the world's oldest instruments. The old kings of Ireland would hire harpists to entertain in their royal courts. At one point in history, foreign conquerors made it illegal to posses an Irish harp and sought to burn every harp in Ireland in an attempt to crush the "Irish Spirit." I'd like to see the bastards try and burn Mr. McRae's leg.

The Blood Countess

Elizabeth Báthory is one of the most brutal women in history. This lady would murder young women and bathe in their virgin blood believing it would retain her youth. Ben is getting a huge Elizabeth Báthory back piece by Zack. This is a picture after one session.


Hot Stuff!

Why does McDonalds always serve coffee that is too hot for anybody to drink? This was done by Brandon on his friend Roxy.

Brandon did this cover up. The guy had an old tattoo that read "Pals" with some other dude's initials underneath it. The wife said this was awfully gay and that he needed to cover it up.


Zack pretty much owns Brandon's torso. He finished the bull shark on his chest a while back and recently spent 10 hours coloring the pirate skull on his stomach.