Audrey Kawasaki Inspires One Of Zack's Best

      Erin DeWitt came to Zack with a painting by one of her favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, and gave him creative freedom to do what he wanted with her tattoo. Just goes to to show you a great reference makes for a great tattoo. With the combination of great skin, a tough ass chick, and three long sessions with one more to go has easily made Erin's tattoo one of Zack's best pieces to date. Stay tuned for the final product which should be posted before January is over...


Great Job!

Alex Gardner has been doing some really awesome tattoos lately! Check out some of his new work below.

A before shot of the cover up. Tribal is never a good idea.

Now you want to make an appointment with Alex, right? 512.396.8288.



Zack Ross started this poodle on Stephanie a while ago at the Texas Tattoo Roundup convention and recently got the opportunity to finish it.


Tye Harris at No Surrender

Tye Harris has been doing some traveling and guest spotting at different tattoo shops around Texas. Today he joined us at No Surrender to do a rad portrait. 

Check out some of Tye's recent work below.


'tis the season

It's that time of year again. Spiked eggnog, ugly sweaters, and the dreaded holiday shopping. But you're in luck! Be the one to give your friends the most unique, exciting present; the gift of ink. Stop by our Hopkins location today to pick up a No Surrender Studios Gift Certificate. 


Alex Takes Tattoo of the Day

Congratulations Alex Gardner for winning Slingin' Ink Magazine's Tattoo of the Day! Alex did this cover up on Adam Burdine while Adam was guesting at No Surrender. Check out Slingin' Ink's Facebook for other tattoos of the day!


Half Goat, Half Rabbit, 100% Brutal!

The goatalope by Zack Ross. Done in a single 7 hour session. Needs one more to clean it up.


Devil's Hand and Tiger Bat

Work in progress foot piece by Zack Ross. Devil's hand dragging him down to hell is the idea behind this one.

Update on the work in progress tiger bat by Zack Ross. This is after the third session.


Horse and Buggy

So Timmy B. was back in Texas to pick up his car that was wrecked the first time he came to Texas. During his visit he did this awesome horse tatty on Billy's neck. Took a whoppin' 6 hours and still needs a background.

If this horse could talk it would say "Uh buh".

Billy did this lil tattoo on Timmy's leg in return. Fair trade, right? Hah.


Sweetz & Bugz

Better pictures of Courtney's sweets and bugs tattoo by Zack Ross, Timmy B., and Billy Weigler.


"Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being." -Albert Camus

By Zack Ross


Let Me See Your Peacock!

Carly's peacock by Evan Lovett. Evan will be guest spotting at Art Machine Productions in Philadelphia, PA November 20-23 and is now taking appointments! E-mail classictouchtattoo@gmail.com


This and That

A No Surrender medley:

A work in progress zipper snapper by Brandon Lantz.

Lovely leaves by Mr. Alex Gardner.

Medicine wheel by Brandon Lantz.

An adorable dinosaur by Zack Ross.

One more from B. Lantz. Thunderwood.


Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Okay this post has nothing to do with Guy Fawkes, but take a look anyway! Here are a few more pieces Timmy B. did while he was guest spotting at No Surrender Studios.

This owl is done on Brian Harris, a tattoo artist from Misawa, Japan. He flew into Houston for the U.S. Tattoo Masters Competition, but since that convention was postponed until 2011, Brain took a road trip around Texas stopping at tattoo shops along the way.

Shel Silverstein cartoon on Miss Stephney.

Scholarly owl on Ben.

This piece is a collaboration between Timmy B., Zack Ross, and Billy Weigler. Sweets and bugs. A little bit left to go on this one. 


Brand Spankin'

New tattoos from Brandon Lantz! 
[click photos to enlarge]

Boxing Cherubs for his two little boys. 

Flying cross. 

Tare panda tattoo covering up an unwanted birthmark.

And for shits and giggles, Mr. Ross and Billy Weigler showin' the camera some love.


Timmy B. Tattoos Zack Ross

Timmy B. tattooed Zack's head (ouch) during his guest spot at No Surrender Studios. The piece is of a tattoo machine near and dear to Zack's heart (and head!) with a snake wrapped around it. Timmy killed it in one long, late night session. Check out the video!