Bad Girls of Disney

Shannon's sleeve of Disney villainesses (aka bad girls of Disney) designed and executed by Zack.


Go Big or Go Home

Hannah wanted to get a fairy and let Zack run with the idea. She also said to him, "Go as big as you want." Ladies and gentlemen do not make the mistake of telling Zack go as big as you want unless you mean it because he will, and I repeat WILL cover a very large portion of your body. Luckily, Hannah meant it and loves what Zack designed for her.

The coolest part of Hannah's design is that it is completely custom. Zack took her idea and made something that fits uniquely to her body. If you are looking for a big piece of your own, Zack is your man. He starts with your idea and uses his creativity to design a piece of original artwork bigger and better than you could imagine.

Loverly Butterflies

Ashley, a No Surrender Studios regular, came in to get a few butterflies wrapping around her ankle up her calf. Tye's black and grey butterflies are sick.

This is not a picture of the finished product, but it looks damn good.


These two boys have been planning to get "gusto" lip tattoos for a few years and finally got around to it at 3:00am.

Brandon and Scott gettin' intimate.


Ander Von Anderson

Ander Von Anderson came to No Surrender Studios to get his first tattoo by Brandon. He wanted to show his love for A Perfect Circle.

Ice Cream Man From Hell

Zack is doing an ice cream man from hell piece on Jon. He drew the design straight onto Jon's arm. Zack has been doing that quite a bit lately. He explained that by drawing straight onto the client, the artwork really flows and fits the body well.


Epic Tattoo

Robert is getting a massive tattoo extending from his arm pit to his knee. Zack drew a rattle snake fighting a roadrunner directly on to his body with sharpies.

Robert came back the following day so we could get a picture of the completed outline.

Rosie the Riveter Pin-Up

Scott is touching up B's Rosie the Riveter rib piece.

Travis' cover up

Zack's buddy from California is in town and stayed well into the night while Zack worked on his cover up.

This picture was taken the following day.


Hot Mamma

Bubba just finished his first session of Andy's muy caliente tattoo.

Cradle of Filth

Below is the COF design Michael wanted to use as a cover up. Above is Zack working on it.

Freddy Krueger

Tye is perfecting his Freddy Krueger portrait on his brother, Trey. Trey is also a tattoo artist at Grind House in San Antonio. Check out his work!

Edgar Allan Poe Sleeve

Our piercer, Kasey, is in the process of getting an Edgar Allan Poe sleeve by Zack. He started on her hand about a month ago and last night they worked on the outline til about 6:00am. Talk about committment. This is a work in progress picture taken today.


Miss Holly

Holly wanted to get two sparrows, one for each of her daughters. This is her first sparrow done by Zack in a single session.

Piece of Cake

Billy tattooing a piece of cake on his sister, Lizzy.

Minotaur Mike

Minotaur Mike is at the shop for his fifth session.

Erin's Half Sleeve

Zack working on Erin's half sleeve. Erin wanted a bird, a penny, a yellow brick road and a stone pot in her piece and Zack did an amazing job of incorporating everything she wanted and making it flow together.



Gabe, bassist of White Chapel, is getting a Tennessee flag. He came to the shop with intentions of getting a leg piece done by Zack (which he did), but ended up getting a second tattoo by Jorge.